Sacred Acres Farm at Wildwood was established in 2014 when we purchased our first 4 alpacas — 2 pregnant females and 2 juvenile males. We boarded our alpacas for the first 3 years while we worked on developing the basic farm infrastructure — pasture, shelter, fencing, hay & grain storage. Our herd size grew to 13 by the time we brought them to our farm in 2017. We now have 14 alpacas, with 2 babies due in December 2019.



Our love for alpacas began with a sweater the owner bought 25 years ago. She “fell in love with the silky feel and the weight and texture of alpaca fiber.” She still wears that sweater on cold winter days. We are committed to creating a farm and a brand that uses ecologically friendly farming methods and conservation. We raise a modest-sized herd on small acreage and, by keeping the herd size small, have enough land capacity to do rotational grazing. We raise alpacas not only for their exquisite fiber, but also for environmental and aesthetic reasons. They are an easily managed size and temperament. They are environmentally friendly. Because they have toes, not hooves, their feet are gentle on the land. When they graze, they cut the grass rather than pull it. Their waste product, alpaca beans, is excellent fertilizer that can be used immediately on flower gardens. And their fiber, which we sell as yarn, roving and raw fiber, is smooth and silky, soft, hypoallergenic, lightweight, and durable.



We strive to provide a productive, educational and entertaining farm experience for farm visitors. On the farm that translates to giving tours. Teaching alpaca history and behavior. Letting people meet and hand feed alpacas. Having trails for walking through the woods and along the stream. Having picnic areas so people can relax and enjoy this quiet little piece of the county. Having 2 golf carts available to make the farm accessible to those with physical challenges. We first opened to the public in 2017 (and 2018) for National Alpaca Farm Days, which takes place annually on the last weekend in September. We will soon be opening the farm store for selling farm-grown alpaca products along with quality retail alpaca goods and needlework tools. Fiber and alpaca workshops will be held periodically throughout the year, beginning in September 2019. And of course, we will again be open for National Alpaca Farm Days in September.


The owner is the ideas person, the visionary, the one who makes the decisions about what happens on the farm. But it takes her team to accomplish what needs to be done to keep the farm operational. Three part-time staff (Keith, Doreen, and Justin) take care of the day-to-day hands-on animal husbandry, and equipment and building maintenance. In addition to her staff, she relies on veterinary, financial, and legal professionals to keep the farm running smoothly.



MaryJane and her staff look forward to inviting the community to the farm for tours around the farm, visiting the alpacas, walking the trails, visiting the retail store, attending workshops and taking in the sights and sounds and activities of the farm.

Farm tours and events

 School tours for elementary, middle school and high school

Tours for seniors and senior organizations

Family events and activities

Fiber workshops

Farm store with alpaca products

Alpacas for sale

Alpacas for stud

Pre-and post-purchase customer support end guidance

Caring and ethical business practices


Contagious passion and respect for alpacas

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