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Alpaca Sales

We have no alpacas for sale at present. Much of our work is focused on providing programs and events for the community, as well as farm tours and alpaca walking.

Our male alpacas are trained to walk on halter and lead to provide visitors with an up close and personal experience of leading “their” alpaca on a guided walk over pasture and along heavily wooded trails.

We do not use our female alpacas for the walking experiences since each of them is periodically pregnant or nursing a cria. That’s a big job for the ladies, and we don’t want to upset our mamas by having them on leads with visitors. We have two pregnant females — one due in late September 2022 and one due in early 2023. We are expecting to breed three more females by end of summer 2022. Gestation time is one year.

Our current herd size is 17 alpacas. Our available pastures easily support that number, but as our herd size increases, we may be in a position to offer younger alpacas for sale after they are weaned from their moms. 

Please check back around March 2023 to find out our status on sales.

Saturday, March 4, 2023