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Meet Our Team



Visionary, artistic, loves to bring people and alpacas together, and loves to share her farm with the community. She has been steadily building a business that combines her love of alpacas and their marvelous fiber with her desire to provide the surrounding community with a family-friendly farm that offers periodic events, farm tours, alpaca walking, woodland trails for serene walks, a farm store with alpaca products for the whole family, and a fiber studio.



Dawn is our resident Alpaca Whisperer, giving each alpaca special attention several times a week during “morning love-in.” Even the boss doesn’t carry as much weight with the alpacas as Dawn. She makes sure they have enough hay, water, and their daily portion of alpaca feed. During the hot days of summer they stand in line to get cold water sprayed on their legs, bellies, and tushies. During monthly herd health Dawn holds the alpacas while MJ administers the shots and oral meds. They are her babies, and she loves them all.


Executive Assistant

If MaryJane is the heart of this lovely farm, Kathy is the central nervous system. She is responsible for managing store inventory, online and on site. She approaches all tasks with aplomb and good nature, easily handling a wide range of responsibilities in this ever evolving business. Her favorite part of working on an alpaca farm is the view from her desk. When she needs a break from the computer she can watch alpaca antics from her desk.

Gervin Diaz

Social Media Manager

Gervin Diaz is the social media manager at Sacred Acres Alpaca Farm. He is from the Philippines and is passionate about using social media to connect with the farm's community and to educate people about alpacas. Gervin has a deep understanding of social media algorithms and best practices, and is skilled at creating engaging content that resonates with the farm's target audience. He is also an expert at using social media to promote the farm's events and products. Gervin is a valuable asset to Sacred Acres Alpaca Farm. He is a dedicated and creative social media manager who is committed to helping the farm grow its online presence.

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