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Harvest Hosts

Welcome to Sacred Acres Alpaca Farm

We have been host members of Harvest Hosts since October 2020 and have found the program to be a way for Harvest Hosts members to enjoy overnight stays at one-of-a-kind places like our alpaca farm. You can get more information about this distinctive program by checking .

We can accept self-contained RV trailers up to 20 feet and camper vans/Class C up to 25 feet. Larger RVs would not have enough turnaround space. You can expect the following once you’re here:

  • We recommend you plan to arrive at least 2 hours before sundown. It’s very dark at night, there are no streetlights, and the driveway is difficult to find after dark.
  • We accept only one RV per night and try to provide as much privacy as possible.
  • Parking sites are mostly level, but you may need to use levelers.
  • Two parking sites are available 
  • Generators are acceptable.
  • We can provide water, if needed
  • We cannot provide electric hookup
  • WiFi is available if desired. Just ask for access code.
  • Farm chores are handled by two farm hands, but you may accompany owner during evening roundup if you wish.
  • The farm store will be open when it’s convenient for you. No set hours except Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. We carry a variety of alpaca clothing and accessories, and alpaca-themed items.
  • When skies are clear, you can do a lot of stargazing. You can see the Milky Way directly overhead. And sometimes it’s possible to see the International Space Station crossing our part of the sky (it takes 30-40 minutes traveling from North to South). 


What visitors are saying about us . . .

Stephen S, 10/28/23 and 10/31/23

We loved our stay at this incredible hosts home. We learned about the Alpacas and their amazing habitat! The host was beyond accommodating and we returned for another night. The acres and all the surrounding sights are indeed sacred! Can’t recommend enough??

Patty P, 4/1/2022

 MaryJane was a great host. We unexpected came in after dark and she was kind enough to call us to coordinate to meet at the top of the drive with a light to make sure we didn't miss the property as we were driving by. In the morning, we were let into the gift shop early and even got to feed the alpacas. My kids and I were thrilled. Very quiet at night and lots of space to park. 

321 Camper Queen, 2/20/2022

Thanks so much to MaryJane for a wonderful visit. She took me on a great tour and I got to feed the alpacas and learn all about them. So fun! I loved the hats, socks, and soap I bought at the gift shop. 

Rene V, 2/18/2022

 What a kind host! MaryJane communicated by email about what to expect. She greeted us when we drove up and took us on the tour to put all the alpacas to bed. The grounds have a lot of potential. They were hit hard by the storm in January and have been able to clear some of the trails. But that shouldn't stop you. She has a nice gift shop and donations are welcome to cover some of her expenses.

Erin D, 1/22/2022

 I arrived in January and Virginia had been hit hard the day before. I think they have had more snow since January 3rd than they have in years. MaryJane was quite nice to call me and tell me about the weather before my trip, I was going either way transporting a dog for a shelter, I told her I'm OK if you're  OK! I arrived a little late and called beforehand. She warned me I might not find the driveway if I came after sunset. I made it in time even with a drive by mistake. She met me outside and let me assist with her (alpaca) bedtime routine and taught me a bunch about alpacas and her farm. What a lovely place and so beautiful. I cannot wait for warmer weather to be able to see the trails and the alpacas romping in grass. Definitely put this one on your list. 

Craig T, 12/12/2021

We so enjoyed our visit to MaryJane’s Sacred Acres Alpaca Farm. She gave us a leisurely yet fact filled tour of her farm. She loves her group of 15 alpacas which she tenderly and skillfully cares for. We enjoyed, as well, a visit to her store featuring many alpaca products plus an opportunity to learn more about preparing their coats for processing. We bought a number of warm and stylish clothing items for the coming winter. Our parking spot while less than level was easily made level with blocks. While the highway was nearby it didn’t keep us from restful sleep. We would return again to take advantage of the trails where you can walk the alpacas. Ask about their “apricot” colored coats.

GoodTimeCharlie, 11/06/2021

What a delightful experience we had at Sacred Acres Farm!  MaryJane, the farm owner was a very gracious and welcoming host and the Alpacas were absolutely adorable! We learned some interesting facts about Alpacas and even followed MaryJane around as she got them ready "for bed"!  We would definitely recommend this location for a unique experience!

Carol H, 09/16/2021

 We stayed at MaryJane's Alpaca farm on our way from PA back home in NC. MaryJane provided us with a wonderful tour of her farm - along with explaining the care, the history of her Alpacas and their byproduct of wonderful soft/warm fiber. She is a remarkable lady who definitely loves her Alpacas and her farm life/business.

Carolyn T, 10/16/2021

 We could write a book on our stay at Sacred Acres. Our very 1st Harvest and so Blessed it started with MaryJane and her outstanding Alpacas. The tour of her farm on a golf cart was a nature loving experience. Her shop is outstanding. Before we had to leave, we were honored to hear her amazing singing voice. Thank you again ever so much MaryJane.

Kathleen J, 06/27/2021

  MaryJane is the sweetest host I've encountered on harvest hosts! She gave us an overview of the process and her history on getting into Alpaca farming. She let us accompany her during "bedtime" routine with the alpacas. Being from Colorado I can appreciate a great pair of wool socks so I bought a couple cute pairs...they are really soft. We enjoyed the quiet Darkness at night and the wonderful weather in the morning! Awesome for my kiddo too!

Darcy M, 06/25/2021

I had the pleasure of staying with MaryJane at her Sacred Acres Alpaca Farm 6/25. Wow, what a lovely host and loving operation she has. I was fortunate enough to get an education about Alpacas and their heritage, and also learn about what an amazing lady MaryJane is! There are lots of hiking trails and various areas with picnic benches throughout her property! Highly recommend the educational tour and stroll she offers! Thank you MaryJane!

Robyn E, 04/07/2021


We had a wonderful stay at Sacred Acres. The alpaca tour was fab and well worth the cost and much more. Our kiddos were able to feed the alpaca treats while MaryJane educated us about alpacas and her practices. Loved the experience. The store is also full of good merchandise. Great family stay for sure. Thank you, MaryJane!

Lindsay N, 03/28/2021

 MaryJane was a phenomenal host. The ground was pretty saturated so she set us up where we would be safest and most comfortable. We’re able to hike the trails on the property and meet all the alpacas. She taught us a ton about the animals and was able to pick up an awesome alpaca cap!

Friday, November 3, 2023