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Cooling off on a HOT summer dayJuly 3, 2020 0:31 secondsThe ladies line up to take their turns getting their legs and bellies hosed with cold water when the temp is 95 degrees.

The grass is always greener . . .June 15, 2020 0:15 secondsPhantom would love to be in the pasture next door, rather than in the big pasture with his paddock mates.

Keeping up with MamaMay 28, 2020 0:21 secondsAziel pronking with his Mama as they wait to be let out with the rest of the herd.

Curiosity on 2 Sides of the FenceMarch 3, 2020 1:21 minutesThey can't reach each other, but the pups would love to chase the alpacas, and the alpacas are curious about these small creatures that periodically come out in the yard and bark at them. The one with the most amount of courage is the youngest alpaca, 4-month-old Aziel.

Alpaca Shearing Day 2020April 28, 2020 Livestream 2:20:57 hoursWatch as professional shearers give our alpacas their annual haircuts. Due to COVID lockdown, we were unable to open the farm to visitors this year.

Alpaca Evening RoundupMarch 8, 2020 2:40 minutesSinging the ladies and one baby into their paddocks for the night.

Drone View of SAFW by Bill DunnJune 3, 2019 6:04 minutesView of farm and surrounding area from 150 feet above.

Alpaca Shearing, BelleMay 27, 2019 0:53 secondsShearing Belle. Removing the prime fiber from Belle. This is the fiber that will be sent to the mill to be made into yarn and roving.

Alpaca Shearing, CiciMay 27, 2020 2:11 minutesShearers are Quentin Shumard and Gwayne Shumard. First cut is removing the blanket (prime fiber) from alpaca's torso. Second cut removes the neck fiber. Third cut removes the shorter, coarser fiber from head, legs and underbelly.

CBS19 InterviewSeptember 30, 2018 2:12 minutesI’m bragging this morning! Much to my surprise a reporter from CBS 19 News showed up for National Alpaca Farm Days. The story was aired on last night’s 11 PM news. Of course, I recorded it.

Cleared Land, Stumps RemainingMarch 8, 2016 0:18 secondsWith cedars and pines removed, a few remaining hardwoods are left. When the pasture is finished, the only tree left standing will be a large tulip poplar. The remaining maples and oaks must be removed because they are toxic to the alpacas.

Clearing Land for PastureMarch 8, 2016 0:31 secondsBuilding the farm from the ground up. First job is removing two acres of trees to make way for pastures for the alpacas.


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