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Excited for the Future with Sacred Acres Alpaca Farm!

Hey Farm Friends!

We are so excited for all of the changes and growth that we have seen over these past five years. It is truly amazing to picture how far we have come. We do hope you are able to come visit us tomorrow, July 16th from 11-4pm. We are especially looking forward to the ribbon cutting at 2pm. There’s just something so special about bringing in a new era with a ribbon cutting. Sacred Acres Farm will be open to the public, so be sure to bring friends and family to celebrate the day together! When you are here, don’t forget to pick up a pamphlet in the store. If you bring it back with you, you can receive 20% off an alpaca walking tour! We’ll have a food truck on site and plenty of picnic worthy spots if you bring lunch from home. There will be games, crafts, and even face painting and glitter tattoos!

Don’t forget to follow our Instagram page, like our Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube, and follow along with our blog. We are so excited for these next five years, there is a ton planned and we don’t want you to miss a thing! Our new social media manager will be leading bi-weekly livestreams on our Facebook page! Be sure to like and follow along there and we can hang out and adventure segments of the farm together.

We have also started to update the online store. Hopefully we will have everything up and running by the end of this month. People are limited in travel these days, so we wanted to find fun and interactive new ways to bring our farmstead to you! Plus, for our RV guests and visitors, this will give us a chance to show the array of adventures for you to look forward to during your stay.

For our blog posts, we really wanted to focus on sharing and expanding our knowledge on conservation, farmsteading, and good mental health practices through nature. Looking forward to this new journey together! See you tomorrow!