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Thanks for Celebrating the 16th Annual National Alpaca Farm Days with Sacred Acres Alpaca Farm!

So much fun at NAFD 2022
Hey Farm Friends,

This weekend was unforgettable thanks to you all! We are so grateful to celebrate the 16th annual National Alpaca Farm Days together. We want to extend a special thanks to everyone who was able to come out to the farm, the Alpaca Owners Association for sponsoring the event, DMary's for providing delicious food for us on Sunday, Cindy Pollard with Transformations for creating such adorable face paintings, and the ones who made it all happen: Maryjane, Kathy, Dawn, and everyone else who volunteered their time to put this event together!

If you came out to see us, please tag us in your photos on Facebook or Instagram @Sacred_Acres_Farm_at_Wildwood or using the hashtag #SacredAcresAlpacaFarm. We would love to see all your wonderful faces, feature you in our story, and say thank you for making our event that much more special. We saw so many of our friends creating wonderful alpaca drawings in the farm store and adorable face paintings too, so we would love to see those as well. Let us know what your favorite part of the weekend was.

Personally, I had a great time exploring the trails with my family. It is so fascinating getting to stroll through nature and talk about the plant life. We walked along the Spring Stream Trail to the Bamboo Trail and back and it was such a fun time. Among the gorgeously large trees, there is a fascinating assortment of plants including: barberry, hobble bush, and bamboo trees. It was so interesting to learn about the different uses and benefits of these plants. For example, did you know that hobble bush, also known as moosewood or witch hobble, is a flowering perennial with large oval leaves. The flowers give way to red berries that turn black as they ripen. Supposedly they taste like dates or raisins. The ones we saw were still red, so I cannot say from personal experience but I found that really interesting while we were out there wandering. On the next livestream I will try to remember to show them to you all.

We are so thankful that we get the opportunity to share our alpaca farm with you all. Thank so much again. It was a lovely weekend at Sacred Acres.